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Dental Assistant Services is a friendly, knowledgable, and highly respected dental assistant training program that caters to people of all backgrounds as well as skill and experience levels.  We are a family owned and run business that has served Dental Assistant Services office buildingCentral NJ and beyond for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on not only providing relevant and accurate information and services, but also emphasizing a personal touch.  At Dental Assistant Service we know you as a person.  You'll never be just a number here.

Please be aware that this is the only location where "Gail" works.  While our reputation may be nationwide, we operate strictly out of a single location in Farmingdale, NJ.  Click here for more information.

Our goal is to help you to work towards obtaining any and all levels of NJ-based dental assistant credentialing you may be interested in.  This includes helping you to prepare for and obtain a dental x-ray license, to obtain a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA  [DANB Disclaimer]) certificate, and to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).  Learn more about the different credentials, licensing bodies, and requirements to get the job you want by clicking here.

Dental Assistant Services has been consistently recognized for the high percentage of students who complete our courses and go on to pass a DANB (Dental Assisting National Board  [DANB Disclaimer]).  DANB's role is in part to create and administer examinations that are part of the requirements to obtain your dental assisting credentials in NJ.  Most recently we were notified that in 2010 a full 100% of the students who took our Radiology course went on to pass the exam allowing them to obtain their dental x-ray license.

Of course, we cannot guarantee your own success or promise that you won't have to commit yourself to working hard and studying.  The DANB  [DANB Disclaimer]exams are not simple, but with the proper guidance and preparation you can do well on them.

Call Dental Assistant Services if you have any questions. 732-919-1816
We can be reached Mondays through Thursdays from 8AM - 4PM and on Fridays from 8AM - 12:00 Noon.  If you leave a message, please spell your first and last name and clearly provide us with your phone number.  We look forward to speaking with you.

International callers: We can be reached at 1-732-919-1816.  Please click here if you need more specific dialing instructions.
We have also received excellent feedback from our students over the years and have had great success in placing students in dental offices.  While we expect our students to be willing to take the program seriously, we also maintain a casual and comfortable atmosphere.  Casual attire is permitted, though we encourage you to dress appropriately.  Some individuals who have chosen to wear less have frequently found themselves to be cold.

Please feel free to look around our website.  There is a lot of information available here.  This site was designed to be easy to navigate. Nearly all of the pages on this site are accessible with no more than two mouse clicks.

Not sure where to start?  Check out some of the next steps below.  If at any time you have questions, want to discuss your unique situation, or simply want a more personal touch you are always welcome to contact us directly.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Next Steps

What is a dental assistant?  In other words, what would I actually be doing if I decided to become a dental assistant?
Click here to find out more about being a dental assistant.
Are dental assistants expected to be in greater or lesser demand in the future?
The future actually looks quite promising for dental assistants.  Click here to learn more.
Where do I start?  What courses do I need?
Click here for an overview.
What kinds of licenses and/or certifications will I need to get a job as a dental assistant?
Click here to learn about the different types of dental assistants.
I've heard people say that they have an x-ray license, a CDA  [DANB Disclaimer]certificate, or an RDA license.  What does that all mean?
Click here for a summary of the different types of credentials available in NJ and what procedures each allows you to perform.
What if I'm not from NJ or if Dental Assistant Services is too far away for me?
Many of the requirements for non-NJ residents may overlap the NJ requirements.  As such, there may be some options available.  Click here for additional information whether you live in another state or are planning to move to the US in the future.  We also have information specifically for international doctors planning to relocate to NJ as well.

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