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Computerized Testing Service

Dental Assistant Services offers everyone an opportunity to take a practice test on a computer (just like the actual DANB  [DANB Disclaimer]exams) in our office.  Our practice tests are designed to help simulate the actual exam you're preparing to take.  After completing one of the practice tests you are given the opportunity to go back and look through the questions that you got wrong so that you can learn from your mistakes.  This service is available to current students, former students, and non-students alike. 

Not sure if you need to take one of our courses?  Perhaps you took one of our courses in the past, but never took the exam to obtain your license or certification.  Maybe you took a course elsewhere, but aren't overly confident about your chances of passing the actual exam.  Or perhaps you've already taken one of the exams, not passed, and have been studying up on your own since then.  Regardless of your reason, our computerized testing service can help provide you with a quality assessment of your knowledge and level of understanding. 

Young woman taking a computer testWe offer computerized testing in the following four areas:
All students currently enrolled in one of our program courses are provided one opportunity to take a practice test for the subject they're currently studying.  This service is provided free of charge for all currently enrolled students.

If you are not a current student, we charge a small $25 fee to take the practice test of your choice.  In the event that after taking a practice test you decide to enroll in one of our courses we will deduct the $25 fee from the cost of your registration. 

To schedule an appointment to take a computerized practice test, please call our office at 732-919-1816.

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