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Job Board Description

It is the hope of Dental Assistant Services and its staff that all of our students not only come away with a quality education at an affordable price, but also that they find gainful employment in the field of dental assisting upon successful completion of the program.  Picture of a boy being examined by dentistWhile we cannot guarantee employment for students and we do not offer job assistance in the form of arranging for and setting up interviews, or creating and editing resumes, we do provide a list of current openings from area employers as they become available to us.

Dental Assistant Services is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the information posted.  We simply provide a forum for prospective employees and prospective employers to reach each other as an additional service to our students and the local dental community. 

Potential job candidates are encouraged to contact employers directly.  While we try to keep this list as up to date as possible, we cannot guarantee that all postings are still open, as we rely upon the employers to tell us when a position has been filled. 

This service has a track record of over fifteen years, and has been very popular and successful in making quality employment matches.  Many area dental offices and doctors have remained extremely loyal and consider us their primary means of finding well-trained and well-prepared dental assistants.  To those doctors and offices we sincerely thank you for helping to make this service the success it has become.

While we realize that not everyone will find suitable employment through the job board, it remains our hope that our students and the local offices we work with will be able to find a rewarding match that works for both employee and employer. 

This service is completely free for current students, former students, and potential employers. 

Post an Opening on the Job Board

Dental offices looking to post an open position on our job board please click here. You'll be taken to a form where you can provide us with the information necessary to post your opening. 

Please contact us directly if you need to make any changes to your posting or to have it removed when you fill the position.

Employment Listing Service

In addition to the job board, we also offer an additional service where students can be placed on an employment list that is sent to several area dental offices looking to hire.  As with the job board, there is no cost associated with this service for either employee or employer.

If you're interested, please choose the appropriate link below.

I'm with a dental office. I'd like to request a copy of the list.
I'm looking for a job. I'd like to be added to the list.

How to View the Job Board

The job board may be viewed in person at our office at any time that we're open. Additionally, we frequently post job openings online at our Facebook page.

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