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Why can't I see the menu bar?

Short answer: You may have JavaScript turned off on your web browser. 

Long answer:  The menu bar at the top of each page uses a programming language called JavaScript.  JavaScript is something that allows your web browser to perform certain interactive features.  A simple example is when you click on something and a small pop-up box appears. 

In this case the menu bar uses JavaScript to allow you to see a list of the different pages you can view on this site when you move your mouse over one of the categories.  It's like choosing a drawer in a filing cabinet and then opening it to view the different folders.  The drawer may be labeled "Courses" and the folders inside may each describe and have information on a specific course.  Using this metaphor, each folder within the drawer would be a different page on this website.

Whether you know it or not, most web browsers allow you to turn JavaScript on and off.  Some people choose to turn it off intentionally for security purposes, though when you do so you often restrict what you can do online as JavaScript is very popular and frequently used. 

How can I turn JavaScript on?

It depends on what web browser you're using.  Follow the instructions below for some of the more popular web browsers.  Please note that JavaScript is not the same thing as Java. 

Internet Explorer: Mozilla Firefox: Apple Safari: Opera: Google Chrome:
  1. Select "Tools"
  2. "Internet Options"
  3. "Security"
  4. "Custom Level"
  5. Under "Active Scripting" select "Enable"
  1. Select "Tools"
  2. "Options"
  3. "Content"
  4. Check "Enable JavaScript"
  1. Select "Safari"
  2. "Preferences"
  3. "Security"
  4. Check "Enable JavaScript"
  1. Select "Opera"
  2. "Settings"
  3. "Preferences"
  4. "Advanced"
  5. "Content"
  6. Check "Enable JavaScript"
  1. Select "Tools" or the wrench icon
  2. "Options"
  3. "Under the Hood"
  4. "Content Settings"
  5. Click "JavaScript"
  6. Click the button to turn JavaScript on

What if I don't want to (or can't) turn JavaScript on?

Please use the site index below to move to a different page on this site.  This is simply a non-JavaScript based version of the menu bar.  If you need to return to this page in the future you can click on the logo in the top left corner of any page to return to the homepage.  From the homepage you can then click on the link "trouble with the menu?" to return to this page.

Attention Internet Explorer 6.0 users:

Internet Explorer version 6.0 (IE6) came out in 2001 and came standard with Windows XP at the time.  IE6 is known to have a number of problems such as boxes and tables appearing uneven or stacked vertically when they should be laid out horizontally.  Some website content may also appear distorted, hidden, or unreadable when viewed with IE6.  It is also known to have a number of security issues (making you more vulnerable to viruses and other attacks).  This is not only the case for this website, but for all websites you may use. 

Because it is an old browser and most people today use newer, better, and more secure browsers, if you are still using IE6 you may find the layout of this website and others to seem a bit "off".  You are encouraged to consider upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer or alternatively a different web browser.

To upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, please click here.  If you are interested in what other web browsers look like, we recommend that you visit YouTube and search for something such as "______ browser demo".  Obviously you would replace the blank with the name of a browser.  Some of the most popular browsers alternatives are:

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