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We pride ourselves on not only providing relevant and accurate information and services, but also emphasizing a personal touch.

At Dental Assistant Services we know you as a person.

You’ll never be just a number here.

Dental Assistant Services is a business designed by Gail Scarola to help individuals in the dental field to gain their credentials.

After 30 years DAS has transitioned from live classes to a unique blend of home study with live support from Gail. These are large course manuals created by Gail Scarola that are up-dated continually. Each course is designed to help you pass each component of the CDS and RDS exams.

DAS specializes in helping individuals who have a hard time with self-study.

Gail Works With You

When you call Dental Assistant Services, you are getting “Gail”.

Gail will take each person and help determine your individual needs. Then she sets up a plan. “Your Plan”.

Gail will continue to interact with you throughout your work on each program. 


Dental Assistant Services has been consistently recognized to be above the state and national average for the high percentage of students who complete our courses and go on to pass a Dental Assisting National BoardExam (DANB). DANB’s role is in part to create and administer examinations that are part of the requirements to obtain your dental assisting credentials in NJ.

Of course, we cannot guarantee your success or promise that you won’t have to commit yourself to working hard and studying. The DANB exams are not simple, but with proper guidance and preparation you can do well on them.

We have received excellent feedback from our students over the years, including students that have taken courses and failed at other locations.

In addition DAS (Gail) has a high demand for students in dental offices that have completed her programs.

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What is a dental assistant? In other words, what would I actually be doing if I decided to become a dental assistant?

Click here to find out more about being a dental assistant.

Where do I start? What courses do I need?

Click here for an overview.

What if I'm not from NJ or if Dental Assistant Services is too far away for me?

Many of the requirements for non-NJ residents may overlap the NJ requirements. As such, there may be some options available. Click here for additional information. We also have information specifically for international doctors planning to relocate to NJ as well.


Are dental assistants expected to be in greater or lesser demand in the future?

The future actually looks quite promising for dental assistants. Click here to learn more.

What kinds of licenses and/or certifications will I need to get a job as a dental assistant?

Click here to learn about the different types of dental assistants.


Click here for a summary of the different types of credentials available in NJ and what procedures each allow you to perform.


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“Hi Gail, I just want you to know as a previous student , I wanted to thank you for all you do. You’ve helped me so much with my career & you made the process so easy and I will be forever grateful that I found dental assisting services and I got to take your live classes!”



“I passed the RDA exam! It was so much easier than the CDA GeneralChairside exam. Your course was amazing, it covered all the material onthe exam. When I was taking the exam today, I felt like I was taking oneof your practice tests. I felt totally prepared.”

Rebecca B

“I PASSED!!! Thank you so so so much! I passed I can’t believe it the test was the easiest test ever! It was literally the same as all the practice tests I was so worried because of how easy it was! The lady at the place made fun of me because I took the test in less then 20 minutes hahaha”


“Thanks so much on getting back to me so fast! I’m doing great actually and really enjoying the Introductory Dental Assisting Home study course. Thanks so much for making this course it’s made me much more confident in my work since this is so new and different to me.”

Jenn C.

“Good morning! I passed the general chairside exam last night with the help from your binder! Thank you so much.”

Marie O’connor

The best assisting school ever!!! There are very helpful in so many ways and Gail is always there when you need her. I wouldn’t of never passed any of my tests if it wasn’t for her or her computer test. I give this more than 5 star rating!!!!!

Summar Lin Stirewalt

Gayle is an amazing teacher! No one FAILS with GAYLE!! And Karrie is amazing to. They both are very understanding down to earth people! Did I mention how strong of a person Gayle is?!!! No other teacher is on her level! Truly blessed to have found this school!!! Thank You both soo so much!!!!!

Jessika Perez

Gail is an amazing teacher she gives her students 100% of her knowledge. I couldn’t be happier in selecting a Dental Assisting School. Dental Assistant Services is clean warm and very personable. They always take the time to answer any questions or help I may need. Gail has a way of explaining procedures and technical terms that helps us understand what she’s teaching. Love the school, love the teacher and the staff just a great place.

Maria Cuozzo-Wetzel

They are awesome and really try and help you not only pass the test… But want you to understand what you are learning and about to prepare you for the real world of dentistry!! Thank you both for being patient kind and fun oh and mom too for all her hard work! ❤️ Gail and Carrie!!

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