The History of DAS

Dental Assistant Services was established over 40 years ago.

It began as a tutoring service running from inside the home of Gail Scarola-Villanueva, who began her own career as a dental assistant. As word grew so did the business. Soon her one-on-one sessions grew into classes as the cars from an increasing number of students began to fill up her driveway. One of Gail’s fondest memories of those days were her two young boys who would stop in wearing their pajamas to say good night to their mother and receive a collective sigh from the class.

In time Gail realized that she needed more space and rented a shared office on Main Street in Farmingdale, New Jersey. Through word of mouth and by offering a quality service with a personal touch, she quickly outgrew this office as well.

After only three years there she moved to the location on Route 33 in Farmingdale. With this new and larger space she was able to equip the office with more supplies, instruments, and teaching resources. Fletcher and Fletchette (the mannequins) made their first appearance, along with composite trays, an autoclave, a radiograph machine, and other office equipment.

For the past four decades, Gail Scarola-Villanueva has built a name and a reputation for herself and for Dental Assistant Services that is unparalleled. A modest and down-to-earth woman, she remains humble in spite of the honor and respect that professionals in the field and non-professionals alike have for her.

Gail has become known to be a great wealth of knowledge about all things dental assisting and remains committed to providing her students a quality education and the most recent and up-to-date information available, all while continuing and insisting on offering a personal touch.

At Dental Assistant Services you are known by your name.

Gail has often been acknowledged for her gift and ability to make the material “real”, to make challenging material less difficult, and for her honesty.  You won’t be given needless “filler” information here.  Instead, with her Home Study Courses, you’ll learn the knowledge and the skills you need to know to begin a successful and rewarding career in dental assisting.

Since its humble beginnings, Dental Assistant Services has remained a family owned and run business.   

Dental Assistant Services

Dental Assistant Services provides a variety of courses designed to help you obtain and maintain your dental assisting credentials.

CORONAVIRUS Gov. Murphy has issued executive order 109
The executive order applies to all medical and dental operations that could be delayed without risk to the current or future health of a patient, as determined by the patient’s physician or dentist.

Medical facilities must immediately notify patients and providers who have scheduled elective surgeries or invasive procedures that these operations cannot proceed as scheduled.

We at dental assistant services would like to know the names of dental offices that will be making themselves available for emergency situations. I would like to post them here.

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After years of teaching my students infection control i hope you can appreciate how your knowledge can help to protect you and your patients.
Stay home, stay healthy stay safe.........................................

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I was looking into Dental Assisting and found schools that were expensive and long courses. I started asking around and was told about Gail. She came highly recommended from other professionals and she has reasonable prices for her courses and really prepares her students.

Nicole Belt

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