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All aspects of this website including the designs, text, images, source code, and all other aspects are the copyrighted material of Dental Assistant Services.  In viewing these webpages you are agreeing that you are doing so for personal and non-commercial (non-business) related reasons.  No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means for commercial use, including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, scanning, taking pictures of, recording, or otherwise without the prior consent and written permission of Dental Assistant Services.

Additionally all printed materials including books, course materials, classroom handouts, study guides, classroom notes, continuing education courses, and otherwise created by Dental Assistant Services are copyrighted materials and may only be used for personal and non-commercial (non-business) use.  No part of these printed materials and resources may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, scanning, taking pictures of, recording, or otherwise without the prior consent and written permission of Dental Assistant Services.

Lectures and course discussions may not be recorded in any form or by any means for business or personal use without prior consent from the instructor.  Discussions that take place in the classroom are considered private and should not be shared or discussed outside of the classroom out of respect for the privacy of your fellow students.  If you are granted permission to audibly record a lecture or class session, it may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.  Such recordings may for instance be used to help a currently enrolled student who is in good financial standing to study and review the material being taught.  However such recordings may not be sold, shared, transferred, or otherwise disseminated to anyone who is not a currently enrolled student in good financial standing taking the same course, on the same day, and at the same time.

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Dental Assistant Services is committed to providing a safe educational environment for all students and is an equal opportunity educational program.  In accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws Dental Assistant Services prohibits discrimination and/or harassment against students and staff on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, culture, sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, social status, religion, mental or physical disabilities, and/or any other legally protected classes.  Any and all discriminatory or harassing behaviors are not permitted and will not be tolerated.

Any student who feels that she or he may have been discriminated against or harassed is encouraged to first address the situation with the offending party or parties.  If this proves to be unfruitful, if the discrimination/harassment continues, or if the student feels uncomfortable speaking directly to the offending party or parties, he or she is welcome to and encouraged to speak with any member of the staff in private so that possible solutions can be discussed.  This holds true for anyone who feels that they may have been harassed by or discriminated against by either another student, a member of the staff, or an outside third party with whom we may be affiliated.  Upon issuance of a complaint, a member of the Dental Assistant Services staff will investigate the issue further and in conjunction with the individual or individuals feeling harassed or discriminated against will seek to find a suitable resolution.

Students who feel they may have been harassed or discriminated against should also be aware that their decision to file a complaint and speak up will not adversely affect their enrollment status.  All students who are in good financial standing have the right to a quality education free from discrimination and harassment.  As all situations are unique, all potential resolutions cannot be included in this policy.  However, Dental Assistant Services will work with the student(s) and any other affected parties to find a resolution that is acceptable for all and that does not adversely affect the student(s) enrollment.

Privacy Policy

By using this website, contacting Dental Assistant Services by telephone, email, other electronic submission, fax, traditional mail, in person, or otherwise, by purchasing a course, program, study guide, or other material, and/or by registering for and/or enrolling in any course or program offered by or in conjunction with Dental Assistant Services you are providing consent and agreement to the privacy policy discussed here.

Dental Assistant Services is the sole owner of any and all information (including student photos) we obtain from you by any of the means discussed above.  We only have access to information about yourself that you voluntarily provide us.  Any and all information that you provide to us is used strictly for the purposes of your education, to answer a question you may have, or otherwise process a request.  We will not rent or sell the information you provide us for marketing purposes without your prior consent, nor will we share or otherwise distribute or transfer your information without your prior consent to a third party unless required in order to fulfill a request you’ve made (such as connecting you with a job lead) or if required by law.  Should we want to use any of your information ourselves, for the purposes of advertising our services either in print or online we will only do so with your written consent voluntarily obtained in advance.

Dental Assistant Services maintains the right to use your information to further communicate with you about programs, courses, continuing education, and other offerings, as well as to address questions, assist with third party paperwork, credentialing, licensing, or other requirements, and/or to assist you in obtaining work following completion of one of our programs.  We may also on occasion send you relevant news pertaining to dental assisting and/or updates.  We aim not to abuse your contact information, but rather to use it strictly for occasional and legitimate purposes.  If at any time you would like to stop receiving communications from Dental Assistant Services, please call Emil at 732-919-1816 or complete the form below.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act assures that personally identifiable student information and records be held confidential.  This does not include “directory information” such as your name, address, and phone number.  However Dental Assistant Services does have a privacy policy described above that keeps us from renting, selling, or otherwise disseminating your personal information without your consent.

In order for us to release any additional information about you to another party (e.g., a spouse, partner, roommate, relative, friend, employer, etc.) regardless of your relationship with them you must first complete a release form providing your consent.  This form must be on file at Dental Assistant Services before we can release any information to anyone aside from yourself.

FERPA applies to all students over the age of 18.  Prior to age 18 the rights afforded under FERPA belong to the parents of the student.  This means that once you are of legal age that your personal information is legally protected.  Even if your employer or parents are paying for you to take a course we cannot legally share with them if you’re attending class, if you’re passing, etc. without your prior written permission.  If employers or parents insist on having access to this information we would first encourage them to speak honestly with the student.  If they do not feel that this has worked, they can ask that the student fill out a release form.

Students wishing to allow others access to their educational records (grades, attendance, courses taken, financial information, etc.) are required to fill out the FERPA release form.  Clicking on this link will open a new tab or window.  This form can be filled out online, printed, and then sent in to Dental Assistant Services.  Upon receipt of the release form we will be able to share the information you specified on the form with the individual or group specified.  Paper based versions of the FERPA release form can also be obtained at the office.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase for CDE courses

Dental Assistant Services is pleased to offer a number of continuing education courses to assist you in keeping your credentials active and in good standing.  Upon purchasing a continuing education course, the purchaser assumes all liability and responsibility for assuring that they have completed a sufficient number of approved continuing education courses in a timely fashion to keep his/her credentials in good standing.

All credentialed personnel are encouraged to contact their local credentialing body or bodies for further information about the specific requirements for keeping their credentials in good standing.  Dental Assistant Services is not responsible for lost certificates of attendance or for mailing, faxing, emailing, or otherwise transmitting certificates of attendance to either yourself or a third party including any and all credentialing agencies and/or bodies, nor are we responsible for contacting third parties by any means or method including any and all credentialing agencies and/or bodies to confirm completion of a continuing education course offered by, in part, in conjunction with, or through Dental Assistant Services.

Individuals who purchase home study courses are required to read through the provided course material and return a completed test used to determine that you have in fact read and absorbed the material.  Only upon completion of the course and receipt of a completed and passing test along with payment made in full for the course will a certificate of completion be issued.

All sales of continuing education courses both live and home study are final.  No refunds will be provided for any reason and Dental Assistant Services maintains no responsibility for failure to pass a home study course or attend a live course.  If you are unable to attend a live continuing education course please contact Dental Assistant Services in advance and we will try to put you into the same course when it is next offered.   However we cannot guarantee that the same course can and will be offered again.  Some live courses may have the option of alternatively being taken as a home study course, but again this cannot be guaranteed as not all live courses are available in home study format.  If however a live continuing education course is canceled and an alternative is not offered by Dental Assistant Services, you will not be held responsible for payment of that particular course.  If payment has already been received you will be issued either a credit or a refund, subject to our discretion.

While we strive to provide quality educational material, Dental Assistant Services cannot guarantee the quality of continuing education courses.  These are courses intended for individuals who are already certified and/or licensed which spans a wide array of knowledge and experience levels.  As such some individuals may find certain courses either less challenging or more challenging than they had hoped for.  No refunds will be provided based upon the percieved quality of, the perceived benefit, or the perceived difficulty of the course.  Additionally, Dental Assistant Services holds no responsibility for any physical, mental, or emotional harm that may occur, whether perceived or actual, as a result of taking a live or home study continuing education course.  Purchase of a continuing education course is considered to be agreement with these terms and conditions, and consent to release Dental Assistant Services from any and all liability for any such harm or injury, perceived or actual.

All continuing education courses both live and home study are subject to our copyright policy described above.  Individuals purchasing continuing education courses should also review federal, state, and/or local use tax laws to determine whether or not they are required to pay taxes upon the purchase of continuing education courses as offered by Dental Assistant Services.  By placing an order and/or registering for a course you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of purchase and the copyright policies as indicated here.

DANB Disclaimer

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